Constraints encourage creativity. Forcing yourself to tell a story in eight words or less requires shaving away all the excess, leaving just the central kernel.

Why eight? Eight is enough words to allow for things like world building and context, but not so many that that’s easy. In short, eight words allows forays into genre fiction (sci-fi, fantasy, horror etc) that a shorter word count would make near impossible. At the same time it’s kind of arbitrary and the above could just be rationalizing the founder’s choices.

Why not six? Some think six words are the optimal challenge to them I say, “get down with yo bad self” (hey, see what I did there?) ok, I’ll stop. (Those aren’t stories). But hey, if you’re a six word purist, we publish stories up to eight words so go ahead use the hashtag #TwoWordsBetter and show us how much more awesome you are. (At least until the five word purists show you up.)


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